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To start your rental search just select a province or state below, then click the Load Cities button. Compare rents on hundreds of apartment buildings. View a photo album of every one. Ask questions online without using e-mail, and get answers within minutes. Obtain detailed contact information instantly. View phone numbers, vacancies, and even book an appointment online. If you already know the Rental Property Site Code (from the web) or Ad Code (from a newspaper) or Sign Code (from a lawn sign) then just enter the code in the box provided and click the View Ad button.

Apartments2Rent values your business, and so we offer to anyone that rents an apartment from any of the rental buildings listed on our website a Renter Reward, provided that the listed property has chosen to participate in our Renter Reward program and has vacancies available to rent. This is our way of thanking you for using our services and for telling your friends about our website. Please click here for details.
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